Making a Choice of Materials When Contemplating Blinds

29 December 2016
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Over the years, blinds have steadily grown in popularity as the choice window furnishing for homeowners. The reason for this is that they offer much more versatility when it comes to the placement of the blinds. Moreover, blinds offer additional functionality in terms of making your residence more energy efficient when compared to their curtain counterparts. To meet the different needs that homeowners have, blinds are manufactured from a wide array of materials. As such, it may become overwhelming for some people to make a selection when they have to contemplate the different blinds available to them. The following is an outline of the different options available when consider installing blinds in your home.

Metallic blinds

One of the more popular options when it comes to metallic blinds are aluminium blinds. This is because there is an assortment of benefits that they provide. Firstly, aluminium blinds are not susceptible to corroding, therefore, you do not have to worry about them developing rust in areas prone to high moisture conditions. Secondly, aluminium blinds are an affordable option, making them ideal for individuals that are looking to change all the window furnishings in their home at one go. Lastly, aluminium blinds are easy to maintain as all they would need is an occasional wipe down to keep them attractive.

Plastic blinds

Another economical yet attractive material that you could consider when contemplating window blinds is plastic. These blinds are a great option for homeowners looking to choose blinds that come in an array of colours. Thus, you can rest assured that they would be able to complement or match your current decorative colour scheme. Moreover, the plastic binds will not absorb any dirt and stains, which makes them a hygienic option for homeowners who are susceptible to dust allergies.

Timber blinds

If your main décor choices are primarily rustic and you would like continuity with this theme then timber blinds would be an ideal option to consider. It should be noted that these blinds may be higher priced than other materials as they are typically made from hardwood. However, they are known for their lasting durability and extended shelf life thus making them a worthwhile investment. When installing timber blinds, take note to only use them in rooms that will not be exposed to high moisture as placing them in the kitchen or the bathroom could lead to the premature deterioration of the blinds.