The Numerous Benefits of Stainless Steel Splashbacks

29 December 2016
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Kitchen splashbacks are a great way to provide protection for your walls against grease slashes and food spills. If you are thinking of investing in them, you will find there is a myriad of options to choose from. Although tile is a conventional option, alternative materials could provide you with additional functionality. One of the materials that have steadily gained in popularity is stainless steel splashbacks. The following are some of the numerous benefits of stainless steel splashbacks.

Stainless steel splashbacks are easy to clean

Although kitchen splashbacks function to protect your walls from permanent staining, this does not mean that the splashbacks themselves will not deteriorate over time. This is especially true if you have chosen a porous material that will absorb the spills they are exposed to. To prevent this, you should consider stainless steel splashbacks. Their impervious nature ensures that they will not discolour over time. In addition to this, being impervious also guaranteed that bacteria and other organisms will not breed within your splashbacks. This provides a cleaner and more sanitary environment in your kitchen.

Stainless steel splashbacks are practical

Another benefit of stainless steel splashbacks is that they are a practical and functional alternative for your kitchen. The first thing you should note is that these splashbacks are capable of withstanding high temperatures. Therefore, not only do they protect your walls from scorching but they are also less likely to succumb to heat damage. The second reason why these splashbacks are practical is they have high impact resistance. This protects them from acquiring superficial damage that would lead to premature wear and tear of your splashbacks. Lastly, they are easy to keep clean. Since stainless steel splashbacks do not have any grout lines, you will not be spending hours on end trying to keep them clean.

Stainless steel splashbacks are easily adaptable

One thing to note about stainless steel splashbacks is that they are long lasting. However, it is not uncommon to find some homeowners craving change once in a while. Conventional splashbacks such as tiles are stuck directly onto your walls, which would make removing them considerably difficult. Stainless steel splashbacks, on the other hand, are screwed onto the wall. This gives you the flexibility to change them up whenever you want. You may even want to powder coat some of the stainless steel splashbacks and screw them back to the walls to add a pop of colour to your kitchen.