3 Ways To Increase The Aesthetic Appeal Of Your Entrance Hall.

6 January 2017
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Your entrance hall is the first area in your home that visitors will see. Usually smaller in size, entrance halls are easily forgotten about when considering decor and style. However, the appearance and feel of your entrance hall will set the tone for the remainder of your property. Use these three tips to improve the aesthetic appeal of this important reception area and help a little space make a big impact.

1. Declutter and tidy away all unnecessary items.

If your entrance hall is limited in size, maximise any existing space by removing clutter. Being the first port of call upon entering your home, halls can accumulate lots of random possessions or simply become a dumping ground for any objects that do not have a specific storage area: bags, coats, boxes, junk mail etc. Even the most beautiful decoration schemes will be overshadowed by clutter and mess.

Do not allow untidiness to detract from your hall's appearance. Spend a little time and effort to organise this space and remove or tidy away anything that does not need to be there. Not only will this give the feel of a more spacious area, but your entrance hall will be neater and more aesthetically pleasing. 

2. Use carpet to provide stylish and functional flooring.

Get carpets fitted where possible. Carpets are a versatile tool that give a warm and homely feel. There are many varieties available so you will be able to choose from a range of styles and materials to suit your individual needs. To increase aesthetic appeal and visual impact, opt for a carpet that complements your existing decor. You will be surprised at the difference a good quality carpet will make to the overall feel of your hall. In addition, if you have a stairwell that descends into your entrance hall, carpeting provides not only a stylish flooring option, but excellent heat and noise insulation as well.

3. Opt for light, neutral tones and simple designs when choosing wall coverings.

Stick to light or neutral tones for wall coverage. This is the best option to increase the illusion of space and give a crisp, clean feel to your decor. Avoid heavy patterns or excessive detail in hallways that are limited in size. This will only serve to enclose the existing space and can can appear busy and unorganised. Opt for plain paint or wall paper instead, but add strategically placed installations of detail, such as picture frames or wall art, to add a touch of elegance and variety. The specific decor and color scheme you choose will be dependent on your individual taste and style, but for areas that are small in size remember that less is more and a little amount of detail can make a big impact.