Decorating: Floor Tile Materials You Could Consider

6 January 2017
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Whether you are interior decorating your home to give it a fresh look or you are constructing the residence from scratch, an important consideration would be the materials you would use for your flooring. Although timber flooring tends to be a popular option, this is not the only flooring solution available to you. A versatile as well as aesthetically appealing alternative that you could consider is tiling. Below are some of the different tiling materials that you could consider for both indoor as well as outdoor flooring.


One of the most durable tiles that you could invest in for your flooring is slate. This type of flooring is ideal for areas that will be exposed to high traffic such as patios, verandahs, walkways and more. In addition to its durability, this material comes in a wide assortment of textures. Thus, if you would like to ensure slip resistance in areas that would be prone to wet conditions such as the kitchen or around a swimming pool, this would be a suitable material for your floor tiles.


Ceramic tiles are a popular flooring solution due to the array of applications that they can be used for. Not only are they suitable for flooring, your ceramic tiles can also be used as wall tiles, splashbacks and more. This makes them a great option for homeowners who would like to create a sense of uniformity in their home by using the same building supplies for both the interior as well as the exterior. One thing to note about ceramic tiles is that they are porous. Therefore, if you would like to prevent the growth of mould and the harbouring of bacteria, you should opt for glazed ceramic tiles. Another thing to note is that ceramic tiles tend to be quite smooth once they are glazed, so you would have to seek some slip-resistance solutions if you will be using the glazed tiles as your flooring.


When some individuals consider brick, they tend to assume that it is only suitable as a building material. However, this innate sturdiness of the brick is what makes it an ideal option for flooring in the form of exterior pavers. Another benefit of opting for brick is the rustic appeal that it adds to your kerb appeal. The rusty colour of the brick ensures that it easily blends in with the outdoors, creating a seamless appearance with your flooring. Lastly, in the event one of the brick pavers is to acquire damage, it is simple to replace rather than having to repair your entire flooring.