Sprucing up your dorm room

13 January 2017
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Students are a wonderful, diverse and lively bunch. Alumni reminisce about their adventures in sororities, while current day students fret over assignments while impressively pinpointing the cheapest tequila shots in town!

However, when it comes to interior decorating, students are often less inspirational. They tend to fall into two different categories: Those that inject personality and homely touches into their abodes and those that are content to live in a bleak, impersonal hovel with limited light and sparse décor.

Generally the type of student that avoids decorating their uni dorm or pokey apartment will argue that their limited cash is better spent socialising in the local watering hole than in decorating their temporary digs. Perhaps they will convince those who shudder at their living quarters that they are aiming for a 'minimalist' look. Upon further inspection, however, it is clear to see that this way of living is not a choice but a symptom of limited vision and selective laziness!

It is entirely possible to turn your hovel into a haven with a few simple additions and limited investment.

First stop, collect an assortment of blankets, throws and rugs. Spice up your living area by draping your sofas and armchairs with different materials. Don't worry about matching colours or patterns; pick up bits and pieces at home ware sales or second hand markets. This is a simple, creative and cost effective way to spruce up your living space and add some character. Take things a step further by adding some mismatched cushions and some battery operated fairy lights.

Next, create a study corner, a place where you can commit to uni work in comfort and peace. Source a study desk that fits your needs. You don't need a complex piece of furniture. Acquire a desk that fits in your room and allows you sufficient space to place a lamp, your laptop, a coffee cup and a book.

The most important thing about your new desk will be its height. If your knees are cramped, you will never use it as you won't feel any incentive to study and you will probably end up fighting for a space in the library on a frequent basis. Get a chair that allows you to sit comfortably underneath the desk. Even a kitchen chair will do if it fits. Students are generally not flush with cash, so don't worry about investing in an expensive leather swivel chair. You simply need a chair that doesn't leave you with a back ache and sore neck after an evening of essay writing.

Investing time and a little cash in your living space is worth while; it will improve your comfort levels, help soothe those nerves around exam time and may even impress your fellow students!