Choosing the Best Type of Interior Window Shutters for Your Home

21 August 2017
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Interior window shutters are a great choice for just about any home, as shutters are very compact and don't need much space for installation. This makes them a better choice than voluminous curtains that can get in the way of furniture in a small space or that can seem overly large for some windows. Because there are so many different styles of window shutters from which to choose, note some differences between styles, and this can help you find the right look for your home.

Shaker style

The Shaker style of furniture is very simple and usually involves virtually no decorative elements, or just a few touches that keep furniture and accessories somewhat plain. Shaker-style shutters are then just solid boards, with perhaps a raised panel across the middle, which are attached to the sides of the window frame with hinges. These offer the cleanest look for a window, as they don't have individual slats that might seem overly busy and cluttered, and they also offer that most light blockage, if you want complete blackout in a space.

Cafe style

Cafe-style shutters are only about half the height of other shutters; they get their name because they may be used in cafes, where diners want some privacy while eating but still want to enjoy sunlight and the view to the outside. Cafe-style shutters are good if you want sunlight and even moonlight to come through the windows, but also want to obscure the view of the neighbours. These are also very good for smaller windows, where full shutters may seem very busy, and for very large windows, where other styles of shutters may seem too tall and might overwhelm the space. A custom shutter maker can usually make cafe-style shutters in any height you desire, so they'll give you needed privacy while also fitting perfectly inside your windows.

Barn door shutters

Most shutters are attached to the window frame with hinges on the side, so they open and close like a door. However, barn door shutters are attached with rollers to a track that runs above the window frame. You then slide the shutters to the left and right to open. These shutters can look very unique, as the hardware used for the rollers and the track itself are often purposely oversized and left exposed. This adds a metallic and somewhat rustic element to the shutters and can make your window treatments look very unique and stylish!