Bathroom Trends: Why Double Sink Vanities Are More Popular Than Ever

13 April 2018
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Are you thinking about making a few upgrades in your bathroom? If so, it wouldn't hurt to check out what's trending on the market. Keeping up with trends can give your bathroom a classy look an even increase its value, especially if you wish to sell the home in the future. When it comes to bathroom vanities, the double sink design is the 'in' thing. They have gained popularity in the market as compared to the single vanity options. So, if you are stuck between these two designs, this article will help you make a choice. Read on to see why most designers and homeowners are opting for double sink vanities.

Additional space

When you have to share a bathroom with two or three of your family members, you barely have the bathroom to yourself. This becomes worse if you have a single vanity because only one person can use the bathroom at a particular time. However, with a double-sink vanity, additional space is available for another person. With two sinks and a wider mirror, one person can brush their teeth as the other fixes their makeup. What's more, there is extra space for toiletries, makeup and other personal accessories. This is not only convenient, but it also eliminates the bathroom waiting time during busy mornings.

Increased visual appeal

Vanities play a significant role in determining the bathroom's curb appeal. If you have a single vanity with one under-sink cabinet, there is minimal storage space in your bathroom. You may be forced to use makeshift storage options which can make the room look cluttered and unattractive. However, with a double-sink vanity, there is additional floor space for installing storage cabinets. This makes the space more manageable, and you can store the toiletries, towels and other bathroom necessities in the cabinets and out of sight. As a result, your bathroom looks neater and more visually appealing than it would be with a single vanity.

Design versatility

Double-sink vanities are available in a variety of designs to suit every homeowner's needs. Whether you need floating, wall-mounted or free-standing vanities, you are covered. If you want sinks with wall-mounted faucets, you can always get them designed. What's more, you can choose various types of finishes to match the rest of your bathroom décor. Vanity cabinets can be custom designed to suit your style and preference as well.

Bathroom vanities can improve the curb appeal of your bathroom or make the room look boring and unattractive. Contact an interior designer so that they can help you pick out the best double sink vanities for your bathroom.